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Giving to My Favorite Cause,
Never Felt so Good

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Organizations of all kinds easily raise much needed funds month after month year after year, and all involved win big!
•Foundations, charities, non-profit organizations, religious groups, private schools, Veteran causes, animal rescue, alumni groups, sports teams, humanitarian causes, etc., etc., etc., WIN because they receive funding they can count on month after month.
•Tens of Thousands of recipients of the services provided by the charitable groups above WIN because of the much-needed services rendered to the needy and less fortunate, as well as funding utilized for the multitude of causes that we all love and appreciate.
•Even our donors WIN big too. We believe that rewarding donors is an essential element that can create a closer more personal bond between each donor family and the organization they choose to support, “Together We Win”. It’s Simply the Perfect Fundraising Program Ever!

For Donors!

Get excited about giving back to great causes because when you give to your favorite charity
We connect you to over 500,000 opportunities to save every day…most of our members enjoy am immediate reward up to at least 3 times the amount of their gift.

Everyone’s a winner with My Donation Reward and here’s what you get along with a full heart for your contribution to your favorite charity. Whether you’re hungry for pizza or sushi, maybe movie tickets, or just looking for something fun to do — My Donation Reward will help you get it for less.

Business Owners

My Donation Reward helps businesses grow by connecting on a deeper level with each employee and by giving back to the communities they do business in by supporting local charities. Reward your valued employees for their loyalty and a job well done without breaking the bank.

Employees receive access year-round to our Donation Rewards Membership in which they can save on the necessities as well as luxuries that they need and enjoy every month all the while saving them up to 50%, helping their dollars stretch until next payday.

This is a great way to reward and appreciate them, in which ultimately trickles down to optimum performance on the job and gratitude towards management.  In addition, a charity of your choice within your community receives funding from your business, supporting your local community and bringing awareness to your company.


If you enjoy working on your own from the comfort of your own home or apartment, setting your own hours, and earning a life-long residual monthly income from your efforts, then you will want to learn more about our opportunity.  Our work is about helping others through non-profit organizations providing services to do great things for various causes, we love what we do because we know the work we do makes a difference in the lives of people. We think of ourselves more like Ambassadors with a message, not salespeople.

My Donation Reward is a Win-Win-Win for all

My Donation Reward creates a valuable connection between organizations with great causes and extraordinary people with a passion to make a difference and generously give to these causes.  This connection provides the much-needed funding to the organizations to deliver their services, and in return rewards donors monetarily for their commitment to give.

Organizations Win

By receiving recurring monthly revenue they can count on each month which also allows them to perform more and more services within the realm of their everyday activities along with developing a more personal and long-term bond with all their member/ donor families.

Those in need Win

The children, the homeless, the hungry, human rights services, veterans, military families, first responders, environmental efforts, animal rescue, religious organizations of all kinds, private schools, community services, team sports, alumni, etc., etc., etc., ALL WIN from the monthly financial support they receive from all the various supporting organizations that engage in our monthly giving program.

Donors Win

By giving to the Charity of their choice and receiving 12 months of access to My Donation Reward Club creating tremendous value in savings far greater than their monthly contribution.

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