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Loyalty and Retention

In today’s throw-away society, to build a strong brand, keep and maintain a good reputation and the quality of one’s products and services, business owners must work hard to keep their invaluable employees satisfied and happy, however employees can often get pulled away to the competition even over smallest little thing. Integrating our unique and valuable rewards program, your employees can get their dollars to stretch over three times in volume as a member of our Rewards Club.

Reward and Incent

Use our rewards program as a complete stand-alone or as an extremely valuable addon to the benefits you currently have in place, either way this can make a big difference in the perceived value of their employment and create appreciation and loyalty, resulting in long-term retention and ultimately having the same or better impact than a salary raises and costing much less. See video.

Support a Local Charity

In additional to providing relevant and valuable perks to your employees, My Donation Reward automatically contributes to any charity of your choice. This can be a local church, animal rescue, Veteran charity, homeless shelter, children hospital, cancer society, battered women, sports group, etc., any certified non-profit organization. This contribution is made in the name of your business and its employees formally acknowledged and verified by the charity of your choice. Business owners can simply choose a charity or include your employees and decide as a group on a specific charity, you may even have one now that you support, either way this is good for all.

Exposure and Promotion

Much attention and free press comes to businesses in a community that give to local charity causes, this is what our program is all about, helping small business grow and supporting local charities. In addition, we can help expose your company to our network of thousands of consumers. When you partner with us, your doors open, your phone rings, and your website gets visitors. Eighty three percent of our Members choose to visit an establishment because they have been added to our network. Over 50,000 businesses trust us to help increase their customer base and deliver results.

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