The work is

Gratifying In All Aspects

The work is exciting, simple, straightforward, and gratifying in all aspects, where you can’t wait to get up and do it all over again the next day.  If you have excellent communication and presentation skills are outgoing can effectively prospect in person or by phone, have basic computer and organizational skills to follow up by email, then you are the type of individual we would love to talk you.

My Donation Reward has created an exclusive new program, (“Together We Win”) which was explicitly designed to re-connect organizations with existing members, those from the past and to help create new donors for the future. When donors and organizations re-connect, more people get a hand up, lives get changed, and people begin to have hope again. Together, we can all make a difference.

Up until now, giving to charity has always worked only one way, this is where a donor gives, and the organization receives.  Imagine how effective a program could be if organizations could reward their member/donors each month for their loyalty and support.  Now Imagine how that would encourage more donor giving and create a stronger closer bond between each organization and their member/donor families.  More donor giving creates long term residual income for the organization which in turn creates more long-term financial support for their important causes.

The vision and passion of My Donation Reward are to assist all types of organizations by providing them with our unique monthly giving program, and when coupled with the generosity of their current members and new donors, this can encourage automatic monthly giving which ultimately creates long-term residual income for the organization. It is understood that donor giving is the life-blood of all non-profit organizations, and we believe that rewarding the member/donor is an essential element to acknowledging their act of giving and makes giant steps towards building a long-term relationship between donor and organization.