New & Innovative

Monthly Giving

My Donation Reward has created a new and innovative monthly giving fundraising program for non-profit organizations of every kind and their valued donors. This unique program (“Together We Win”), was designed specifically to re-connect organizations with existing members, those from the past and to help create new donors for the future.

We Can Make a Difference

When donors and organizations re-connect, more people get helped, lives get changed and people begin to have hope again. Together, we can all make a difference.

As we all know, donor giving is the life-blood for all non-profit organizations. Up until now giving to charity has always worked one way, this is where the donors give, and the organizations receive. Imagine a unique rewards program where both parties would receive monetary benefits empowering organizations to reward their donors every month for their loyalty and support.

My Donation Reward believes in rewarding donors for their loyalty and monthly support and that this is an essential element that creates a closer, more personal bond between donor families and the organizations they support.

Together We Win is a stand-alone fundraising program delivered digitally to any type of charity non-profit organization, for-profit organization or any individual that wishes to give to their favorite cause such as charities for children, homeless, human rights services, veterans, military families, environmental, animals, hunger, churches, private schools, community services, team sports, alumni, and this list goes on and on.

We provide a customizable landing page to include a complete explanation directed to donors on detailed information about the charity and how they can be a part of an exclusive group/club, that make a pledge to give a small monthly donation for a commitment of 12 months. In return for the donor’s monthly commitment, donors and their families will receive 12 months of access to enjoy substantial discounts on the things they buy and use every day, which in most cases add up to more than 3 times the amount of their monthly donation. This gives the impression to the donor that their monthly contribution is virtually FREE.

The Together We Win program provides crowdfunding-type customizable landing pages that include information about the charity, and video about the program and how it works for both the charity and their donors. Videos and detailed print about donor benefits links them to the My Donation Reward websites to examine and test drive the rewards and then on to a confidential and secure check out page to view the commitment details and make their donation.

Upon the successful sign up and completed transaction, donated funds are sent automatically to the charity of choice, minus the cost of the “Together We Win” program previously agreed upon by each organization and collected by My Donation Reward. The donors receive an automated email graciously thanking them and welcoming them to the Together We Win program. This email will include a special code that allows each donor 12 months access to the Donation Reward Members Club and a Premium Reward Digital Dining Gift Card that’s instantly redeemable at Best in Class Restaurants located in over 10,000 cities in North America.

Join Us!

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Together We Win Program
Win-Win-Win for All
Donors Win

By giving to the Charity of their choice and receiving a Donation Rewards Digital Dining Gift Card, providing instant redeemable monetary value often over 3 times the value of their donation, making it easy and virtually FREE for donors to give to their favorite charity.

Organizations Win

By receiving long-term monthly revenue that they can depend on each month, which also allows them to perform more and more services within the realm of their everyday activities.

Those in Need Win

The children, The Homeless, human rights services, veterans, military families, environmental, animals, hunger, churches, private schools, community services, team sports, alumni, etc. ALL WIN from the support and services they receive from the various supporting organizations.

Our Fundraising Program Offers Two Specific Programs to
Reward Your Donors
Quick & Easy

My Donation Reward Membership is the quick, easy and proven way to successfully raise the funds you need very quickly and even repeatedly every month. Our monthly giving program is designed to raise funds for organizations month after month and year after year.

Low Cost

Our first program is designed to be a low cost monthly giving program asking each donor to commit to 12 months. Donors credit card is drafted every month, and they receive access for one entire year to our nation-wide network easily accessible on their mobile devices, saving them potentially thousands of dollars per year.

Instant Reward

The second program rewards your donors instantly with up to 3 times the value of their contribution, making their donation easy and fun we simply issue donors a digital gift card. Either of these programs can work independent of each other or together as a team, we most commonly use the combination of the two.

Organizations Will Get
Special Features

Working with our partner organizations is a privilege and we believe that to achieve great success that both parties need a strong commitment to each other. Here are some of the features we will provide to your organization.

Instant setup and deployment
Exclusive customizable website link to provide your members access through your own website
Marketing collateral and tools, sample email, text messages, letters, etc.
Your members and new donors are rewarded exponentially month after month for giving to your organization
Earnings from the Together We Win program up to 80 percent of every donation
Secure payment split and sent directly to designated account at the time of donor payment, and automatically recurring monthly thereafter
Ongoing customer support
Exposure and promotion of your organization
The Quick & Easy

Proven Way

My Donation Reward is the quick, easy and proven way to successfully raise monthly recurring funds, while providing your supporters with unbeatable reward, every day! For more information please fill out our contact form and someone from our team will be back asap.